My very first blog post is to finally answer one of the most asked question on my IG and even personally. I cannot tell how many times I thought I got in trouble for something only to find out someone just wanted to ask…What lipstick shade I am wearing?! You’ll be surprised to find out I don’t own many, I like sticking to what’s already proven and tested…no fail, less is more. So here goes:

The most asked about…

MAC Diva (Will forever be my fave shade on good days or bad ones)



Okay, so MAC Diva is my fave but almost (ALMOST!) ties with MAC Russian Red.


Third place goes to…MAC Ruby Woo. It is a pretty brighter version of Russian Red but it can dry up your lips so I suggest moisturizing them before using Ruby Woo to keep it on longer.


And last but not the least, the shade that started it all for only 200 PESOS!!! SOPHIE Brazilian Red. This one comes close to MAC Russian Red but just a tiny hint darker. I don’t know if Sophie still has this since I bought this a long time ago and hoarded right away. Hopefully they still do in case any of you are planning to buy it. You might want to hoard as well. LOL


Here’s a bonus throwback photo of Melissa Ricks and me wearing Russian Red and Diva. Well, Birds of the same feather wear Red together. And another Bonus…a friend of ours taught me a secret she learned from a MAC counter in Canada, if you use MAC’s Cherry Red Lipliner as a lipstick and top it with Ruby Woo you’ll get MAC’s Riri Woo shade. Hope you guys found this post helpful. *wink* *wink*


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