I know a lot of you have probably visited Boracay at least once or maybe even a few times already and if not, visiting the Island is part of your travel bucket list for sure. I have been to Boracay a couple of times already and I love the White (not to mention very fine) sand and Beach of the Island. I used to go with friends to hang out, drink and (sometimes) party…but as the young would call it, “Adulting” happened. And now that I’m a Mommy with a two-year old, I always thought Boracay is not really for me anymore (Ouch!). I thought wouldn’t it feel weird to stay inside the room when you can hear loud music right outside your hotel while you are trying to get your toddler to sleep? I just felt like I probably won’t fit in with the youngsters on Vacay (another Ouch!) and that is why I’m so glad that I had the chance to be introduced to a place on the other side of the Island which totally changed my mind about visiting Boracay over and over again. Yay!

Hello Rieseling Boracay!


Rieseling Boracay is located at the opposite side of Station 1-2, if you check the Islands Map it’s really on “the other side” like right across the busier area of Boracay. if you’re coming from the port of Caticlan, you can just take the Tricycle and tell them to take you to Rieseling, it will cost you around the same amount and time if you’re going to D’Mall. Rieseling is more or less 5 minutes away from Station 1 and 2 by Tryc, the resort also provides free scheduled trips to D’Mall. Just ask the very friendly and accommodating staff at the front desk for the time or they can also call you an E-tryc if you cannot wait for the scheduled trips.


Super Mommy Vibe with Amelie still in her PJ’s at Rieseling’s Reception.

I  must admit, I was not really expecting it to be much different from all my other trips to the Island since like I said I’ve been to Boracay a couple of times already, but to my surprise, it felt like I was exploring a totally different place this time. Tho I did not know what it was, I instantly felt at home at Rieseling and I knew I was TRULY on vacation this time…like it was my own rest house (how I wish!HAHA).

The pool area which we enjoyed all throughout our stay.


We were able to really relax while Amelie was playing in the pool since a part of the pool is only some 3 inches deep and is basically safe for kids. Watching your toddler while playing is still a must tho, no matter how deep the water and how safe you think it is, I also had her wear a life vest for extra safety…and she even learned how to swim by herself (with vest) which makes this place even more memorable.

The resort connects directly to the white sand beach, and here comes what I love about it…its surrounded by sand!!! You step out of your Villa or Room and there’s sand everywhere which gives Rieseling Boracay such a raw vibe, I really like how they left as much nature as they can. It has palm trees all over so you can choose if you want to sit or lay under the shades or the sun and your kids can play outside without getting a nasty sunburn even during those hours when the Sun is at its peak. We arrived in the morning and Amelie went straight for the Beach and the waters as if she’s been here before.

Enjoying Rieseling’s very own Beach front.


Rieseling’s rooms are very spacious, clean and cozy. They have family Villas that are good for two families with extra day beds, all rooms and Villas have a good view of the pool and the beach and you don’t have to walk too far to enjoy both.


We stayed at the top floor ( see right side) and did not have any problem even with our toddler in tow.

Rooms include a yummy breakfast buffet that has complete choices from Bread or Rice, Bacon or Fish, Fruits, Oats, Muesli and dessert that varies from day-to-day.

Good Mornings start with good food.
Curious kid at their Restaurant
Healthy Brekky.

I’m really happy I found this place at the Bulabog side of Boracay Island. It really took me away from the busy city and I almost did not want to leave. There were times when I forgot I was in the Philippines since other guests where mostly Families from other countries who were enjoying the quiet and serene surrounding as much as we did. I never knew Boracay still had something in store for those of us who are looking to truly get away from all the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day life. I’d recommend this place to Families who really want to bond and have some quiet time, you can choose to stay at Rieseling the whole day or take a trip to station 1 or 2 to do some shopping and eating, doesn’t matter if you have younger or older kids with you, you will both enjoy since you have the option of letting them enjoy the busier side of Boracay (for older kids of legal age that is) or let them play in the pool or the beach front all day (for the younger ones). It’s also a good place to stay if you’re traveling with friends if you’re the kind who’s looking for just the right balance of being on vacation but having the choice to enjoy some night life.

I’d like to Thank Ms. Gigi of Rieseling Boracay for my Families wonderful stay which made me look forward to visiting Boracay again. I really hope this was helpful for those of you who are looking for something different in the same place. There’s so much to appreciate about this place.

You can visit Rieseling’s Boracay website for more Photos of this beautiful resort, activities and rates at

Instagram worthy. 😉




  1. You are beautiful. Thank you for sharing make me wanna visit the place.


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