Three years, one month, and four days… that’s how long it took me to completely wean Amelie from breastfeeding. I wasn’t planning to breastfeed her this long, I planned and tried to wean her earlier and I was hoping we could do what they call “baby led weaning” but it just didn’t happen. She just loved latching, whether it be for milk or just plain comfort to help her calm down or fall asleep and every time I would always tell myself “sayang naman, I was blessed with enough milk so why stop now?”. So my breastfeeding journey continued beyond her third birthday from the original plan of one year and a half.

As I continued breastfeeding, a lot of people would tell me to stop for reasons like Amelie not being  as “heavy” or “chubby” as other kids, and although these things would make me doubt what I was doing, I was lucky I also had people who’d remind me to look at my child. Was she healthy? Was she active and attentive? Was she happy? Well, yes! She was! In fact, she rarely gets sick, and if she does, she’ll be fine in a day or two and she’s still her happy and active self and that’s what kept me going, knowing that I was doing whats best for my child in those three years. But, all things have to come to an end for one reason or another and if you’re wondering what that reason was for me… SLEEP. Why? Amelie started sleeping through the night when she was around 4 months old, but when she started teething it got so uncomfy for her she’d literally stay latched the whole night to soothe her aching/itchy gums. And she never slept through the night again since then because she got used to feeding several times at night. So as much as I wouldn’t mind continuing to nurse her, I decided we both deserve a good nights sleep and it would benefit us both as much as three years of breastfeeding did.

The plan was set, I was going to wean her on her third birthday…which as expected, did not work out again. HAHA It only happened more than a month after her birthday because I went on my first trip without her, so it was a cold turkey approach since gradual and baby led weaning obviously didn’t work for us. Now, weaning doesn’t just end there, it starts a whole new journey which is with the new milk your child is going to take after they’re done with yours. In Amelie’s case, she already had formula milk even before she stopped nursing which she wasn’t really fond of. She’d only drink it when I was not around and even then she wouldn’t drink much. Which got me worried about the nutrients she’d miss out on once I completely stopped nursing her.

But as you all know, God is good and he will send you the right people at the right time. Nestle approached me regarding being one of their Mommy Ambassadors for Nido 3+ and what I liked about them was they actually asked me about the qualities I consider when choosing/purchasing milk for my daughter…which got me thinking. Of course No. 1 on my list was the nutrients the milk can provide for her, No. 2 was if my child will like and tolerate it (because what are you going to do with all the nutrients if your child wont intake them, right?) and No. 3 was value for money.

So here’s a break down of my checklist:

No. 1 – The Nutrients. Nido 3+ has Lactobacillus Protectus which helps support the respiratory track, Prebio3 that helps support a healthy digestive system, DHA which is a building block for the brain and Vitamin C, Selenium, and other nutrients that support the immune system. Sounds good to me. *wink*

No.2 – The deal breaker, if she’ll like it and tolerate it which is why I had Amelie try Nido 3+ once she turned three to give her a head start and see if she’s “hiyang” and to give us some time to decide before actually weaning her a month after. To my surprise, she’d finish around 150 ml of it compared to her usual 90 ml per day (Frustrating, I know). She’s now at 300 ml per day without problems such as constipation or a gassy tummy. *double wink*

No. 3 – Value for money. I think Nido 3+ is relatively affordable considering all the nutrients it contains (and my walk down the grocery aisle, which of course is just my personal observation. Some might think otherwise.) *triple wink*

In the past month, Amelie did get a bit heavier and taller, and although she’s still not that chubby toddler, she’s exactly what I want her to be, a healthy, active and most importantly happy child who’s eager to explore new things which I know will one day make and take her to what and where she wants to be. I’m also happy we found a partner in Nido 3+ and to have them beside us in this new journey of ours because just like me, they give the kind of love that protects. To happy endings that lead to new beginnings. 🙂


In case you’re wondering, Amelie and I both sleep through the night now. YAS!!! And I was also able to potty train her which is a completely different story but so much has happened in the past month and it just made me so excited for whats ahead of us. They really grow up soooo fast. 💛

Thanks for reading and feel free to ask me questions and leave comments. 🙂😘


  1. Very informative! Will definitely recommend Nido 3+ to my cousins. Wow! Nestle did a great job for choosing you as one of their ambassadors!


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