The smile and joy on Amelie’s face on the morning of her 3rd Birthday had a price tag of less than 400 pesos. Yes! Its possible to have all of these (see photos) for a very small amount. With some recycling, a Divisoria trip, some ready made cake mix, Princess cake toppers and lots of Sprinkles, I was able to pull this off.



Here’s how:

  1. Buntings in the living room are recycled from her first birthday and I’ve been using those for three years now. LOL- 0 Pesos (But would cost you about 40-50 Pesos)
  2. Happy Birthday banner in the bedroom – 50 pesos
  3. Balloons around the room – 10 pesos for the pink No. 3
  4. 45 pesos for 3 Flamingo balloons
  5. 6.75 pesos for 5 pink balloons (135 pesos for a pack of 100 pcs)

The total for the decor was around 111.75 pesos.

For the Cake. I used:

  1. Ready made Lemon cake mix I bought in Germany – 1 EURO ( 62 pesos)
  2. Icing c/o the oh so perfect Puratos Ambiante – 67 pesos (268 pesos for 1 pack which you can use for four small cakes)
  3. Sprinkles- 1 Euro (62 pesos)
  4. Princess toppers- 45 Pesos (on sale due to some damage)
  5. Pink Flower Candle with music- 50 Pesos

Cake Total 286 Pesos, my daughters happiness while munching on those Princesses…priceless! Yay! I got the Princess decor from All about baking or wonder bake, both have branches at various malls, you can also buy some sprinkles and the candle ( at 120 pesos) there, of course Divisoria is still the cheaper option. If you wanna see how easy and fun it was to make this, here’s a link to Melissa Ricks’ Vlog where we recreated this Rainbow Princess Cake.

Just a little tip, if you’re really not into baking, you can also just buy a regular cake from your favourite bake shop and buy any character topper and some extra sprinkles and just add it to the cake that you got from the store. I know this because that was my plan B in case I wouldn’t have enough time to bake…no need for super fancy cakes, specially at this age because they appreciate the most simple things as long as its their favourite character…you can thank me later. HAHA



My Total was 396.75 Pesos for this. It was really easy, her Dad and I prepared everything the night before after she fell asleep and just waited for her to wake up to it, and when I think about it now, I regret not setting up a camera to capture her reaction since we just waited outside the room and let her be alone with it when she woke up. We knew she loved it when she came out of the room shouting  “Mommy this is AMAAAAAAAAAZING” in her still so sleepy voice. I’m not exaggerating, that was really how she said it and it made me feel so appreciated and made my heart full. Nothing is more amazing than how simple their joy actually is. ❤


As for her gifts, most of them I bought on sale whenever I got the opportunity to, the Dollhouse was at more than 50% off in SNR and I love to shop at Ollie and Co. in Shangrila or Kids Depot/Kids Craze in Sct. Torillo, Timog Avenue because they have huge discounts for really great toys and clothes. I kept all of her gifts hidden under the bed for more or less six months and yes, it takes a lot of will power not to get tempted to give it to them in advance. So prepare yourself and hide it in a safe spot. *wink*

These are just a few of my Mommy tipid tips for all of you, hoping this was useful and please feel free to share your thoughts on this, ask me questions or share some photos if ever you try this too. :*

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