Masking extreme tasks with OLAY

I’ve always been a sucker for anything DIY and recently I added skincare to that list because, well, I’ve officially entered my 30’s and just felt like all of a sudden my skin started sagging all over and dryness has become something that bothers me. I don’t know if it really comes with the age or its just the paranoia telling your brain that you look old and dehydrated and so thats what you see every time you stare at your reflection in the mirror.

Face masks are something I’ve grown fond of because it gives me that ” Just came from the spa” and ” I deserve this” feeling even tough I’m just at home. When I heard about OLAY’s newest Magnemask Sheet that promises to leave your skin renewed and refreshed in just 15 minutes without the messy falling off and repositioning it every time you move, I had to try it right away because multitasking while DIY-ing is everything for this busy Momma, and what better way to try out OLAY Magnemasks fit than using it while working out.


So here I am, doing my usual home workout routine but with a facial mask that contained 1/3 of actives in an OLAY Regenerist Jar. WOW. To be honest, I really thought the mask will fall off if I do something as extreme as working out, considering all the jumping around, looking down ( hello, gravity!) and sweating, but no, this one proved me wrong. Imagine getting to squeeze in a workout while you’re also taking care of your skin giving it that well deserved boost when you want it and when you need it. I felt EXTRA after doing this. So how does the OLAY Magnemask sheet work? The tension fit design ensures the mask fits closer to your skin for better comfort and ingredient penetration while the three layer design locks in moisture to deliver one-way absorption, preventing loss of ingredients so that none of the good stuff gets lost. Yay!

After taking off the mask, I left everything to dry and continued with a 100 more errands just to try if it will leave me with that sticky, heavy and super oily feel that I usually get when I moisturise during the day, and for someone who skips wearing lotions and heavy moisturisers during hot days because the icky sticky feeling is just something I dislike, this was pretty tolerable. It felt like a gel type cream that left an extra layer of skin on my face making it appear more youthful and hydrated.

Motherhood can get pretty demanding and we tend to forget about self care which is why we can definitely benefit from easy to use skincare products that will allow us to perform our tasks while we also take care of ourselves which is why OLAY’s Magnemask sheets will definitely become one of my new go to facial care products when I’m stuck at home but still want to look glowing and youthful.

Thanks for reading and leave your own experience in the comments section if you’ve tried OLAY’s Magnemask sheets already. 🙂

Motherhood is calling again. Bye. :*

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